We raise Cornish Cross chickens on pasture.  We are one of the largest pastured poultry operations in the country.  We have forty-six acres with chickens during the height of the growing season.  Our biggest chicken customer is Chef Rick Bayless with Frontera Grill in Chicago.
We get the chickens within 24 hours of them hatching from Moyer's Hatchery in Pennsylvania.  ​The chicks never receive antibiotics, hormones, steroids, etc.  Our chickens spend the first 2-3 weeks of their lives in the brooding barn until their feathers are established.  After that, they are moved out to pasture.  While being allowed to "day range" on grass and clover pastures, the chickens still receive a mixture of non-GMO corn, soybeans, and Hubbard's Homestead mineral mix. 
We process our chickens in our own on-farm USDA-inspected processing plant. Unlike most processing plants in the country, we do not use chlorine on our chickens (or any other products) at any point during processing.  It is more expensive, both in costs of alternative products that we use and in costs of additional labor and management, to not use bleach but we feel it is worth it to use safe alternatives.  We use citric and paracetic acid as antimicrobials instead.
Our chickens are not just "antibiotic free" -- they are raised in an environment that allows them to thrive without antibiotics. They are raised & processed differently than any chicken you will find in the conventional grocery store.
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