Thanksgiving Turkeys

The traditional center-piece of a Thanksgiving meal.

Once you've had one of our juicy, pasture-raised turkeys, you will never go back to a store-bought bird. Our turkeys are raised on pasture without the use of antibiotics. We harvest the turkeys in our USDA-inspected meat processing plant here on the farm. 

Our whole turkeys will come in 4 different sizes: small to extra large. Please note that small turkeys will be harvested in the end of September/beginning of October when the turkeys are still small. This means small turkeys will be frozen at time of receiving for Thanksgiving and it also means that once the turkeys are too big, we will not be able to take any more orders for small turkeys. If you have your heart set on a small turkey, order it early.

This year we have several fulfillment options for you to get your turkey:

  1. Pick up at the farm in LaGrange, Indiana on Saturday November 21st from 10 am to 2 pm or Wednesday November 25th from 10 am to noon.
  2. Pick up from our truck in Oak Park, Illinois on Sunday, November 22nd from 1-3 pm CST. Our truck will just be parked at 531 N East Ave Oak Park, IL. This is a residential location- we simply park on the street at our friends' house and you will meet us there to grab your bird.  (Please select "pick up" at check out but know that you will be picking up in Oak Park on Nov. 22nd, not at the farm.)
  3. Shipped directly to your door via UPS ground shipping the week of November 9th. Your turkey will arrive frozen two weeks before Thanksgiving, giving you plenty of time to thaw your bird before the big day. (Price includes shipping.)

We also sell our turkeys to multiple retailers Fort Wayne, Indy, Chicago, Northwest Michigan, and other locations. If you are in one of those locations and would prefer not to have a shipped frozen turkey, please send us an email at and tell us where you are. We will point you in the right direction!

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Our turkeys include giblets (heart, liver, and neck) all tucked inside the cavity.
  • Our turkeys are raised on certified organic pasture.
  • Our turkeys are fed a feed mixture that we grind ourselves here at the farm. It consists of non-GMO corn and soybeans as well as vitamins and minerals.
  • We harvest the turkeys ourselves in our on-farm USDA-inspected processing plant. Our processing plant is certified organic as well so we are never applying harsh chemicals like chlorine to the carcasses.
  • Turkeys picked up at the farm OR at our pick up day in Oak Park will be fresh and can remain fresh until Thanksgiving. The exception to that is small turkeys, which will be frozen no matter what fulfillment method you choose. Turkeys that are shipped will be frozen. The birds will be frozen within days of harvesting, so they will still be of the highest quality when you thaw it.
  • The shipped turkey price includes the cost of shipping. If you add additional items to your order, there will be a shipping charge and the whole turkey will not count towards earning free shipping. Please consider creating a separate order for items other than whole turkeys so that we can send them to you before our busy week of shipping out whole turkeys.

Be sure to subscribe to our email marketing at checkout in order to get reminders about your specific fulfillment option, such as pick up reminders & additional thawing instructions for shipped birds, plus other information about our turkeys.



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