We raise Pekin ducks on pasture.  Like the rest of the animals on our farm, they never receive antibiotics, hormones, steroids, etc.  While our ducks cannot fly, they do take a commercial flight to get to us after hatching in California.  Once we pick them up at the airport at just hours old, we keep them in the brooder barn for a few weeks to give them a chance to establish their feathers.  After that, they are moved out to pasture.  While being allowed to "day range" on grass and clover pastures, they also receive a mixture of corn, soybeans, and Hubbard's Homestead mineral mix.

The ducks are harvested in much the same way as our chickens and turkeys are, but with one exception.  The ducks are dipped in a food grade wax to assist in the feather removal, since duck feathers are much more stubborn than other poultry feathers!

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