Our Processing Plant

Pressed with limited processing availability locally and few cutting and packaging options, Greg and Lei began the process of converting our old garage into an on-farm processing plant in the early 2000's. In 2004, we became USDA inspected and are now one of just a handful of farms who process red meat and poultry on farm under USDA inspection.

We take pride in managing our own animal harvest as doing so ensures that the respect we have for our animals on the farm is carried on to the customer. We ensure humane handling and effective stunning of the animals, strive for the best carcass utilization and consequently lowest waste, and limit our antimicrobial uses to only those allowed under organic standards.

We built our own smokehouse attached to the plant in what is the modern equivalent of the small smokehouses that would have been found on the pig farms of our area 100 years ago. While we have thermostats and a few blower fans to ensure proper temperature, our smokehouse relies on the age old tradition of real wood and time. No liquid smoke, no sawdust, no wood chips. Just real hickory logs, real flames, and 8+ hours.

We are now doing hog slaughter and processing for other farmers. For more information, please email evan@gunthorpfarms.com.



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