If you are looking for pork that meets all of your animal welfare, food safety, & quality standards, you are in the correct place.

We raise purebred and crossbred Durocs in virtually the same manner as the past 4 generations of Gunthorps.  Our pigs are raised "farrow to finish" on pasture.  No crates or artificial insemination here: we allow the pigs to breed and give birth naturally.  Our sows (female mother pigs) have great instincts when it comes to building their nests and caring for their piglets.

While on pasture, the pigs also receive a vegetarian diet of corn, soybeans, and Hubbard's Homestead vitamin & mineral mix.  We raise some of our own non-GMO corn that the pigs harvest.  Because of the breed, diet, and production method, we are proudly able to say that our pork is not "the other white meat."  Pork should have coloring, marbling, and flavor!  (And ours does!)


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