Collection: Sustainable Carcass Utilization

We have had several people ask us for a bundle discount on boneless, skinless chicken breasts. If only we could figure out how to raise chickens that were only breasts, we'd have it made! Since we can't do that though, we have came up with a way to help both of us.

In order to unlock the 20% discount for a 10-pack of boneless skinless chicken breasts, you need to add 10 other chicken items to your cart. You can choose any combination of the items on this page.

Add 10 items to your cart plus the 10 pack of chicken breasts and use the discount code SUSTAINABLE at check out to receive the 10 pack of breasts for only $96.


(Since we are out of chicken chorizo, we have added pork chorizo to the list of options that you can choose from to earn your discount! In our opinion, the pork chorizo is better than the chicken chorizo anyways... sorry chicken!)

Sustainable Carcass Utilization